Practically Effective Leaders

The oddest places you will find practically effective leaders.

My maid – Hard working lady who wants good #education for her kids. One day she saw that I was a bit unwell.

Without me telling her anything, she did extra work and said, that’s ok, it took just 10 minutes, but it provides you some relief.

In corporate world, we need an Excel and a project plan for this 🙂

Coconut water guy – Once I stopped by at a roadside coconut vendor. When he cut open the tender coconut, the water was too little.

Without me asking, he gave me another coconut and said, for the amount you paid, the previous coconut had very little water. Take a new one.

In corporate world, we need a cost code even if it’s one full-stop extra.

My car cleaner – After cleaning my car from inside, the cleaner returned the car keys. After 20 minutes he came back to tell that he saw some spots on the glass windowpane from inside.

He takes the key and cleans it again. I wouldn’t have noticed it probably as it was on the back window.

In corporate world, we would reprimand, why wasn’t it noticed in the 1st iteration.

Medical store guy – My building security guard did not let the delivery boy inside for some unknown reason.

But instead of calling me and complaining, he used the other gate which is almost 1.5 km away to deliver the medicine thinking someone needs it urgently even though it was just vitamin C tablets.

In corporate world, we would have said, such an unreasonable person, why put extra effort.

At every walk of life, we find leaders who walk the talk, deliver on their promise, are ethical. All of this without any official corporate titles or expectation of glory or award, or just for the sake of appraisals.

Please share your #effectiveleadership stories that you witness in your lives everyday

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